Race Rules

Machu Picchu Epic, is a mountain race, consisting of 5 marathon stages (XCM), which can be race in individual categories (solo) or teams (teams) formed by 2 members.

The competition takes place from Monday October 04 to October 08, 2021 in the department of Cusco. Machu Picchu visit on October 09, and return to Cusco on October 10.

Participants may choose Full-Support packages, which include lodging, food, tour to Machu Picchu or Self-Support, where the participant leads his own logistics, except for the connections between the stages. For more information on the Packages, click here.

Participants must be experienced cyclist and should be in good physical condition.

The competition is organized by the Moxie Sports Club, an association registered in the Peruvian Cycling Federation, with the race director Alexandra Whilar, email info@moxie.pe.

The minimum age to participate in the competition is 18 years old by December 21, 2021.

A category is considered oficial, if it contains at least 5 cyclists or 5 teams. If the above is not fulfilled by 15 September 2021, the competitors registered will be transfered to the most appropriate category. There are no returns or refunds for category change.

Categories are:


Participants may ride the 5 stages of the race.

  • Team Open Men
  • Team Open Mixed

Teams must necessarily be made up of two members.

The separation between the competitors of the same team may not be greater than 2 minutes.

In the event that one of the members cannot participate on the race for reasons beyond their control, the organization will facilitate access to individual registration.

In case of not reaching the 5 teams by category, the competitors will go to an individual category, previously coordinated with the organization. No refunds for category change.


Participants may ride the 5 stages of the race.

  • Pro Open Ladies
  • Ladies 18 – 39
  • Ladies 40 – 49
  • Ladies 50 and more
  • e-Bike Open Ladies
  • Pro Open Men
  • Men 18 – 39
  • Men 40 – 49
  • Men 50 – 59
  • Men 60 and more
  • e-Bike Open Men

Participants may ride 3 stages, Stage 01, 03 and 05. For Stage 02 and 04, particpants may go with the organization tour or connections according to the package bought.

  • Ladies 18 – 39
  • Ladies 40 – 49
  • Ladies 50 and more
  • E-Bike Open Ladies
  • Men 18 – 39
  • Men 40 – 49
  • Men 50 – 59
  • Mens 60 and more
  • Open E-Bike Men

There are no team categories for Picchu 3.

Any person wishing to participate in this race must materialize their registration through the official website. For the registration to be valid, it is mandatory to fill in all the information requested in the form and pay the registration fees and those services that are contracted in parallel.

If you fill out the form and do not make the payment that same day through the payment gateway, link payment and / or bank transfer, your registration will be canceled and you must re-register.

Rates are in dollars, include local taxes. Prices are per competitor / participant.

The rates for 2021 for Self Support are:

June – December 31, 2020100830
January 01 – March 31, 2021100890
April 01 – July 31, 2021100950
August 01 – September 15, 2021501,010

The rates for 2021 for Full Supoort are:

Bedroom Type SharedTwins-TripleTwins-TripleTwins-Triple
Service Class 2234
June – December 31, 20201001,5301,7102,2802,630
January 01 – March 31, 20211001,5901,7702,3402,690
April 01 – July 31, 20211001,6501,8302,4002,750
August 01 – September 15, 2021501,7101,8902,4602,810

(*) Quotas are limited to the range described in each price range, once covered even if the deadline has not been reached, the price bracket will change.

(**) Due to the high demand for hotels in Cusco, and the purchase of tickets to Machu Picchu and trains, the organization reserves the right to modify the quotas and / or prices according to the limitations of the place. In their iight even to modify to camps in case the hotels of the zone are filled, with previous warning. Therefore it is recommended if you want to participate in the race, reserve the quota as soon as possible.

Teams must necessarily be made up of two members. On the registration form, indicate the corresponding Team Category, and the name of the Team Partner. The Team couple must complete their own registration form.

In the event that one of the members of the team cannot perform the race for reasons beyond their control, the organization will facilitate access to individual registration, upon request by email to info@moxie.pe.

The registration period begins on June 08, 2020 and ends on September 15, 2021 or once the quotas are exhausted.

The organization suggests participants to have a license for race cycling, issued by a national cycling federation approved by the UCI, but it is not a mandatory requirement.

It is essential to have an international insurance against mountain bike accidents, otherwise the participant must acquire it as an additional product.

Registration implies a set rights according to the package purchased, for more information go to the “Packages – Cyclist” section.

We have designed a package specially for Machu Picchu Epic, where the companion enjoy the tourist sites while you compete. The companion will sleep in your room and hotel , and share breakfast and dinner with you. Companion must buy the same hotel service class pack of the competitor or cyclist.

Comany Pack prices are:

DateQuotaFull SupportFull SupportFull SupportFull Support
Bedroom Type SharedTwins-TripleTwins-TripleTwins-Triple
Service Class 2234
June 2020 – September 15, 2021551,4001,5802,1502,500

To look at the benefits, go to the page menu “Packages – Comanpy”.

Both athletes and companions can access the benefit of registering in installments without interest.

Once the cyclist or participant registers, the organization will send the corresponding payment information to the email or whatsapp indicated in the form.

For Self-Support Packages

  • 1 Payment – US $ 270 Space reservation, before March 31, 2021.
  • 02 Payment – US $ 350 Between April 01, 2020 to June 30, 2021.
  • 03 Payment – The difference of the Total Registration from July 01 to September 15, 2020.

For Full-Support Packages

  • 1 Payment – US $ 450 Space reservation, before March 31, 2021.
  • 02 Payment – US $ 800 Between April 01, 2020 to June 30, 2021.
  • 03 Payment – The difference of the Total Registration from July 01 to September 15, 2020.

For Companion Packages

  • 1 Payment – US $ 350 Space reservation, before March 31, 2021.
  • 02 Payment – US $ 700 Between April 01, 2020 to June 30, 2021.
  • 03 Payment – The difference of the Total Registration from July 01 to September 15, 2021.

No refunds will be made for cancellation, alteration in all or part of the event.

Due to weather, health or any other reason that prevents the test from being carried out in complete safety, the organization may reduce the necessary segments for which it is formed in order to carry out the event on the day initially set. The reduction of segments, the reduction of the circuit, cancellation of any stage or of all the stages or any other alteration in the sports event will not lead the organizer to a partial or full refund of the registration price. In case of any kind of disqualification or abandonment of the race, the registration fee will not be fully or partially refunded.

Due to weather, health, government request or any other type majeure force that prevents the organizer from carrying out the test in complete safety, the Organizer has every right to postpone the event. In this case, registrations will pass for the new event date. Registration fee will not be refunded.

Refunds will be given according to the following list:

  • A refund equivalent to 70% of the total registration amount (without discounts) if a written note or email is received before June 30, 2021.
  • A refund equivalent to 50% of the total registration amount (without discounts) if a written note is received before July 31, 2021.
  • There will be no refund after July 31, 2021. The payment for the corresponding registration for the year 2022 may be respected. In case the registration cost for 2022 is higher, the participant must pay the difference. If it is lower, there is no exchange between the parties.

For refunds, any type of commission charged by the bank making the transfer will be discounted. The organization is not responsible for the commissions from banks. Cancellations by phone will not be accepted.

For customers who agreed to payment in installments (from November 2019 to March 2020), and wish to cancel their registration, the calculation is as following:

For example, if the total registration is US $ 1,500 and you pay 1/3, that is US $ 500, and you request a refund before June 30, 2021, the refund amount is:

  1. Refund amount over total registration fee US$ 1,500 x 70% = 1,050 
  2. Fee charged for registration reservation US$ 1,500 x 30% = 450
  3. Amount paid US$ 500 
  4. Refund of US$ 500 – 450 – bank fees = US$ 50 –  bank fee

Transfers of registrations to other people are allowed until July 31, 2021. After that date, the ownership change rate is US $ 200 per participant.

The Chaski service is a Machu Picchu Epic program, which allows low-income elite athletes to participate in the race, providing a service to the cyclist who hires them.

The Chaski are athletes trained by Daniel Roura or by the coach of the Peruvian team, trained in first aid and basic mechanics. They are willing to take you on wheels, carry what you need, clean your bike, etc. This service includes Premium Technical Support post each stage of the race.

Chaski does not classify as a rider for the category nor in the general.

The Chaski gets shared accommodation and gets all the career services like any participant up to the Town of Santa Teresa. It does not include a visit to Machu Picchu or train returns. The organization will make the return of the Chaski by bus from the Town of Santa Teresa to the city of Cusco.

The race has a Base Camp in each Rest City (Cusco, Ollantaytambo, Quillabamba and Santa Teresa). The camps is where the Briefing, Buffet Service, Bicycle Nursery, Medicine Area, Bike Wash, Physiotherapy Area, among others, are placed. The camp is the Start of each stage.

The organization is not responsible for the transfer between the hotel and the Camp (most of them are a 10-minute walk away).

The Camp in Cusco will be ready on October 03, 202.

Arrivals are located at different points in Cusco.

For more information about race starts and finish line, go to Stage Race or Race Program.


The Kit delivery will take place at the Camp, on Sunday October 03, 2021 from 14:00 to 17.00 h.

The plates are assigned according to each category in order of registration.

At the registration table an identification bracelet will be given to each participant, which must be carried throughout the race. This bracelet grants access to the areas enabled for cyclists and is also useful as a security measure.

An electronic device will be given with the Race Kit, and must be return them once the race has finished.


At each stage you can leave your bike at the Camp. We recommend a lock for your bike. We will open each Camp at 7:00 am. To receive your bicycle, it is necessary to show your credential and / or bracelet with the competitor’s number.

Once your bike is dropped at the Camp, you will not have access until 7:00am next day.


A team meeting or daily briefing will be held for all participants according to the competition program. The stage to be disputed will be reviewed and will informed of possible unforeseen changes in the development of the competition. The briefing is mandatory for all participants.

The race is the following 5 stages:

The race is duly marked with signs, especially at dangerous points, such as crossings, road intersections or streets.

The route is open to traffic but duly controlled. Cyclist must follow the directions of the traffic authorities and drive with caution. On public roads, cyclists must stay in the right lane.

The route includes demanding climbs and technical descending sections. It is the responsibility of the participant to decide if they can overcome it on the bicycle. The organization is not responsible for accidents related to the ability of each participant or their level of fitness.

During the route there are time controls.

Failure to stop at a control, means disqualification.

Competitors must at all times follow the properly marked route, riding out of the path leaves to disqualification. If by mistake the competitor or team take the wrong route, they must return to the correct route at the same point where they abandoned it.


For security reasons the exit may be neutralized. In this case, the Course Director leads the participants in an official vehicle to the secure path. When the Course Director reaches the end of the section, he moves aside and indicates the end of the controlled path.

During the neutralization, it is forbidden to overtake the official race vehicle.


The supply zones are marked along the route. These points have everything necessesary to cover the food and hydratation needs during the race.

The organization will provide participants with a basic mechanical service located at some points. Please consider that we do not offer mechanical support at all checkpoints, however at the camp we have independent providers who will give you free support to solve easy mechanical problems. In case of major problems if there will be a service charge


The route is marked with lime or plaster. The use of GPS is madatory.

Every ten kilometers the distance is marked, just as the last 5 km.

The Judges, Course Director and Race Director, can decide that a section of the route is impossible or dangerous to pass, due to weather and other issues, and may deviate the route to sections provided by the organization.

If this is not possible, the point where the last time control is is taken as the arrival time.


Depending on the characteristics of the stage, maximum passage times will be established and this will be communicated by the organization the day before the stage during the briefing or technical talk.

Any cyclist or team that has not crossed the finish line at that time may be evacuated by the organization. In case the cyclist wants to continue the stage, it is on his/her responsibility, but you will not enter the classification nor will you be able to choose to receive a prize.


The abandonment of one or both team members should be communicated to the organization as soon as possible.

The organization will determine points where the participants can communicate the abandonment as well as they will be informed of a telephone number where they can notify it.

Failure to notify an abandonment implies the expulsion from the race of the affected team.

In the event of an accident or emergency, and safeguarding the safety of the participants, the organization has the right to withdraw a participant from the race.

In the event that any of the cyclist team leaves the race, the partner may continue the race. The partner will not be eligible for the general classification, but may be considered a finisher.


The classifications of each stage are established according to the time taken to complete each stage, for the teams category the last time of the two team members will be counted, plus the accumulated time penalties.

The sum of the time of the disputed stages, plus the accumulated time penalties, establish the general classification.

All participants will carry the electronic device to record their times and keep track of them. The Judges must approve these times for the results to be considered valid.


Once the stage is finished, the stage classification and the general classification are published on the official website and on the bulletin board.

The start of all the stages is in a platoon.

The starting grid opens twenty (20) minutes before the departure time.

The members of each team must complete the entire race together and with a maximum difference of 2 minutes between them throughout the entire route.

If a team reaches the end of a stage, any passing control or is seen by a Judge anywhere on the course with an interval of more than 2 minutes difference between its members, it receives a penalty of five (5) minutes (for each time the rule is broken), added to the time of the member who came in second.

Each passage control, intersection control, provisioning point, has a maximum hour of passage. Participants and / or teams must roll within this time interval in order not to be disqualified. The time to reach these points is announced on the race board.

Completing the course with other means than the individual physical effort of the participant and his / her own bicycle means disqualification. Members of a team can push or pull each other, as long as there is no physical / mechanical device connecting them or their bikes.

Any illicit help supposes the disqualification of the team.

Participants who cease to be officially classified may continue to participate in the test in a recreational manner as long as they do not influence the development of the race. Failure to comply with this rule implies the expulsion of the test, without the possibility of continuing in it.


Each stage has an award ceremony for each category. Only the first three teams and / or winners of the stage and the leading teams are called to the podium. The first place in each category will take the leader jersey of the next stage.

For the MACHU 5 Teams category, Pro Open Ladies and Pro Open Boys, the first place will have a free registration for 2022, of full support, shared room package. For more information you can go to Categories.

The first 3 cyclist must be present at the award ceremonies and present on the Podium wearing the uniform. Failure to do so will result in loss of the award. Cyclist who cannot be present at the ceremony, must inform the event organizer with a valid reason. Glasses, hats are not allowed.

A participant who refuses to get on the podium will be immediately disqualified.


Bicycles must be in optimal condition, both in mechanical characteristics and safety.

Participants are not allowed to change their bikes.

Tandem bikes are not allowed.

The use of helmet is mandatory.


It is mandatory to compete with the plate delivered by the organization. The plate must be placed on the front of the bicycle. The electronic device for time control cannot be modified either and must be placed where indicated by the organization.

The leading teams of the general classification of their category must wear the leader’s jersey, knitting or jersey, delivered by the organization.

For security reasons it is recommended to carry a mobile phone.

It is also recommended (but not mandatory) that team members maintain uniformity in their clothing throughout all stages.

At certain stages it may be necessary to wear warm clothing. The organization does not supply these garments to participants.

The organization is not responsible for any lost or forgotten object along the route or during the test of any participant.

The organization is not responsible for any failure or repair of the bicycle that may occur in the course of the test.

All participants must mark the gels, and any type of food including the bottles with their participant number. 30 minutes before the start of each Stage, the Judges, Race Director or responsible personnel will randomly review the marking. In case of finding unmarked supplies, the participant will be automatically disqualified from the competition, they could not carry out the game.

It si not allowed throwing away gels and / or anything within the race. In case of finding something, the participant will be disqualified.

The Judges can disqualify any team that does not respect the environment or the private properties that are crossed during the test, expelling them from the test without the possibility of continuing in it.

Claims must be formally addressed to the Judges in writing (email). Enrolling in this career implies accepting and complying with these regulations, as well as accepting the relevant data protection law and policy.

Any participant can be subjected to an anti-doping control.

All participants must be respectful of other participants, judges, members of the organization, the media and the public. Assaults, lack of respect or other unrequited attitudes can be punished with the immediate expulsion from the race.

The Judges may disqualify any participant or team that does not respect these considerations, expelling them from the race without the possibility of continuing in it.

All participants transfer their image rights to the organization, being able to use any photograph or video where they appear.

The organization is not responsible for the expenses or debts that a participant may incur during the event.

For security reasons, the circuit layout of each stage may be altered until the day of the race.

If necessary and under serious circumstances, the organization reserves the right, without prior notice and in order to guarantee the correct development and safety of the test for both participants and organizers, to delay the departure time, modify the schedule, and / or modify or cancel a stage. Likewise, under circumstances beyond the organization, in case of cancellation of the race, the registration fee will not be refunded.

When registering, participants must be aware of the risks and dangers associated with these types of special events and freely and voluntarily accept and fully assume the risks, dangers and the possibility of personal accidents, death, damage or loss.